Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hall' On Earth

Why do people blog? Is it to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences with the World? Is it to let readers have their expertise on certain matters? Both worthy reasons for sure. Well, this posting is neither of those. I suppose it does share my feelings but there's nothing constructive in it. It's a rant, and nothing more.

I hate Halloween. Actually, let me rephrase that. I HATE Halloween. I'm sure that once, far ago in the mists of time, it was a legitimate celebration with some deep and meaningful reason behind it. But those days are long gone. So, what is it now?

An excuse for hordes of unsupervised youths to stalk around the neighbourhood annoying the hell out of people by banging on the door, screaming 'RickorReeett' (or something like that), then looking at you put out when you only offer them a solitary Haribo for their 'efforts.'

The little 'uns that go out with their parents and make a bit of a night of it are OK. At least you know that your flying saucers and pink shrimps will be appreciated. As for the rest of them. Well, if any of them can tell me why they 'celebrate' Halloween, when it first started and what it means, then they might deserve their reward. I don't know any of those things, so I don't fancy their chances.

This definition from the excellent Dr. Samuel Johnson feed on Twitter sums it up for me:

'Halloween (n.) antient Festival of the Dead, adulterat'd for American Tastes with more SUGAR & less DIABOLISM'

Mask-makers and pumpkin growers of the world might rejoice on October 31st. I won't be joining them.

Friday, 15 October 2010

About your author

So, now I've taken the plunge and started I really ought to add a proper post. But where to start? What to write about? How about the blog title? Why did I choose it? Couple of reasons really. Firstly, it's a quote from one of my favourite films, and secondly I used to think it summed me up. Now I'm not so sure. Can anyone truly have nothing to lose?

Anyway, as this is my first proper entry then I'm going to say a bit about myself. Self-indulgent perhaps but I feel the need to set the scene a little. I'll try and make it the last such posting, honest.

My name is Roman and I was born in 1973. I have a beautiful and lovely wife, Clare, two step-children, Rebecca and James, and three older siblings: Adam, Barbara and Edward. I currently reside in Nottingham in the UK, where I work for Virgin Media, helping our sales force to sell new products and offers. Tis a good job at a great place to work.

I have quite a few interests and they'll probably be forming the backbone of future posts on here. But for now here's a boring old list of them. I love sport. Dad and I didn't have a huge amount in common, but the passion for sport definitely came from him! It's limited mostly to watching rather than participating now unfortunately.

Music is up there too, though I'm very fussy in what I listen to, and find most current chart music awful. I really enjoy eating and drinking out and have been fortunate enough to visit some amazing restaurants. More of that in future posts methinks. I enjoy TV and films - though again not without fussiness - and like travelling, but hate flying, which is a bit restrictive...

Finally, I am fascinated by shiny gadgets and technology, and have become somewhat addicted to this social media lark. Which I guess is part of the reason I've started this blog. Also, just as another place where I can spew forth the myriad thoughts and musings that pop into my head from time to time.

Anyway, this will do for now. Will have a ponder over the weekend about what to write next. And I promise it won't be about me so much. Promise.



Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hello online world.

Ok...nothing much to see here yet. Just getting started. I'll write a proper entry soon. Just wanted to get the page set up. 

This should be fun!