Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Perfect '10?

It's been a funny old year, to borrow a cliche someone said once. Though I think they were talking about football. Lots of good and nice things have happened, but they seem to have been balanced out by lots of bad things happening. Well, perhaps not bad, more rubbish and annoying really. Let's have a bit of a recap:

Good: Going to Le Gavroche for a fantastic meal in January.
Bad: Clare being really ill the next day, due to the over-richness of the cheese souffle.

Good: While on holiday in Benidorm (don't laugh), winning 100 Euros on the bingo at the hotel.
Bad: Having to use most of it paying off RyunFair's excess baggage charge.

Good: Nottingham Forest getting to the Championship playoffs.
Bad: Nottingham Forest getting knocked out of the Championship playoffs.

Good: Going on a really nice holiday to Salou and visiting Barcelona.
Bad: Not long after getting back, the boiler breaking down and having to be replaced (at least it was summer though).

Good: Having a fantastic weekend at V Festival and getting piccies taken with Sir Richard Branson himself!
Bad: The washing machine conking out and needing to be replaced.

Good: Visiting the wonderful Purnell's (again) for our Wedding Anniversary lunch.
Bad: Clare's car breaking down earlier in the week and having to be replaced. And some clumsy person reversing into the back of the hire car we had to get.

Good: Having a really nice Christmas, England retaining The Ashes, and hopefully having a lovely New Years Eve.
Bad: Well, hopefully the end of the year will buck the trend and we'll finish on a high note.

If I were to make any New Years Resolutions - which I'm not - then they'd probably involve trying to update this blog more often. 

Anyway, to anyone who does read this, I hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011, and may your goods not be counterbalanced with bads.



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