Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Rolling in it (The Deep, that is)

So, Adele, you've released a fantastically successful album which has sold millions of copies and made you a very wealthy woman, and now you're not happy that you have to pay so much tax. Well, I'm not 100% on this and I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that nobody really likes paying tax. However, pay it we must and get on with it we must and that is the way of things in this country.

Now, if I were to be interviewed by a national publication (unlikely), and complain about having to pay so much tax, nobody would bat an eyelid. That's because I'm a normal person, doing a normal job, earning a normal wage and paying a normal amount of tax. You, however, are different.

You have a God-given talent of writing very good songs and delivering them with a striking, soulful and emotive voice. You have chosen to make this talent into your career - and that is to be applauded. The majority of us do not have this talent, and therefore have to do normal jobs. Others may have a similar talent but due to whatever circumstances, they may be unwilling or unable to make it their calling in life. Such people as this may choose other jobs, such as being teachers, firefighters or nurses. These people may also have bought your records.

How will these people feel then, to read of you deriding the industries they put their heart and souls into, working very long hours for nowhere near the rewards that you enjoy? They pay their taxes too and I'm sure they don't enjoy it either. You chose your career, a career that brings great privilege. But, as the saying goes, with great privilege comes great responsibility. One such responsibility is paying a higher amount of tax.

Of course, these other people also have responsibilities in their jobs; things such as bringing up the Nations' children to the best of their abilities. Or saving lives perhaps. Or healing dangerously ill people. Trivial things maybe, compared to making good songs.

So, next time you see your tax bill, consider how much you've earned to be paying that much. Consider also the feelings of the people who put you where you are. The teachers, firefighters and nurses that bought your records. Then do us all a favour and save your breath for your singing. We'll all enjoy it a lot more.

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