Friday, 14 June 2013

Bohemian Rhapsody - Nottingham Forest Style

Hopefully, most Forest fans will be old enough to remember the Queen masterpiece Bohemian Rhapsody. Well, if not, here's a link to it on Youtube for your enjoyment:

Anyway, I was on the train home yesterday and my mind started wandering while listening to the song and thinking of the upcoming season for Forest. Words came into my head...

Please note: This isn't my opinion as a Forest fan. I'm very positive about the season to come. This is just a bit of fun based on my (useless) ability to put daft words to existing songs. So, I give you Bohemian Rhapsody - Nottingham Forest Style:

(Lyrics copyright Roman Filipowicz 2013 - Original lyrics and music copyright Queen 1975)


Is this the real life?
Is it NFFC?
Caught in the Championship
No escape to the Premier League
Open your eyes
Look up at the prize and see
I'm just the Gaffer
You're the rich Kuwaiti
We've seen some targets come, targets go
Fees too high, offers low
Where did all the funds go?
Doesn't really matter to me
To me

Fawaz, just signed McCann
Put the thought inside his head
Now he's joined and he's a Red
Fawaz, the season's just begun
And I hope we don't throw it all away
Fawaz, oooooooooh
We're sponsored by John Pye
If we're not 3-0 up this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on
As if nothing really matters

Too late, the deadline's gone
No players more to sign
We just didn't have the time
Goodbye automatic
Our team's too slow
And we really need a striker who can shoot
Fawaz, oooooooooh (where did all the funds go?)
Sinclair didn't sign
I sometimes wish I'd offered for Robert Hall

(guitar solo)

I see that Adlene Guedioura's got a ban
Bring on Moose, bring on Moose, where'd the rest of our squad go?
Midfield not exciting, centre backs are frightening me!
We've got Darlow (we've got Darlow)
We've got Darlow (we've got Darlow)
We've got Darlow in the goal, magnifico-o-o-o!
I'm just the Gaffer, nobody loves me
(He's just the Gaffer, he talks to Natalie)
(Him and his trusty advisor JP)
Players come, players go, got to let some go
Ish Miller, go! We've got to let you go (let him go)
Ish Miller, we've got to let you go (let him go)
Ish Miller, we've got to let you go (let him go)
Got to let you go (let him go)
Got to let you got to let you go-o-o-o
Go go go go go go go!
Oh Simon Gillett, Simon Gillett, Simon Gillett you can go
Matt Derbyshire! You can leave without a transfer fee, for free, for free!

(guitar solo)

So you think you can leave me no players to sign?
Then the loan window opens and everything's fine?
Oh, Fawaz
Can't do this to me Fawaz
Just gotta get Cole
Just gotta get Cole to come here

(guitar solo)

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Nothing really matters, we just lost 5-3
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters, to me

Where did all the funds go?



  1. That's brilliant! You've got to make a video of that!

  2. I certainly won't be starring in it. I don't have the hair.